Tanzu Greenplum Connector for Informatica 1.0.5 Release Notes

The Tanzu Greenplum Connector for Informatica supports high speed data transfer from an Informatica PowerCenter cluster to a VMware Tanzu Greenplum cluster for batch and streaming ETL operations.

Tanzu Greenplum Connector for Informatica version 1.0.5 is a maintenance release that includes new features and bug fixes.

Released: July 3, 2019

Supported Platforms

The following table identifies the supported component versions for the Tanzu Greenplum Connector for Informatica:

Connector Version Greenplum Version PowerCenter Version
1.0.5 5.10.x and above, 6.x 10.x

Refer to the VMware Tanzu Greenplum documentation for detailed information about Greenplum Database.

See the Informatica PowerCenter documentation for information about the PowerCenter platform and tools.

Changed Features

Tanzu Greenplum Connector for Informatica version 1.0.5 includes the following changes:

  • You can specify the MaxErrorRows session property to identify the maximum number of errors the Connector should encounter before it considers the task failed.
  • The Connector documentation includes a new procedure to disable verbose logging.
  • You can now specify the Greenplum Database Schema in the GreenplumEnhancedLoader Connection Details dialog.

Resolved Issues

The following issues were resolved in Tanzu Greenplum Connector for Informatica version 1.0.5:

Bug Id Summary
164397005 The Connector did not always detect and propagate an error returned by the Greenplum Streaming Server (GPSS) to Informatica. The Connector now detects GPSS errors and propagates an exception to Informatica.
164487748 In some cases, the Connector did not close the connection to the Greenpluming Streaming Server when the Informatica job failed. The Connector now closes the GPSS connection in these failure cases.
164487772 The Connector prints the PreSQL and PostSQL commands in Informatica Workflow Monitor only when the load operation to Greenplum succeeds and the commands succeed.
165050683 In some cases, the Connector returned a Success status in Informatica Workflow Monitor even when a task failed. This problem has been resolved. The Connector now exposes a MaxErrorRows property, and returns a failure when a task reaches this configured value.
165874896 In certain situations, the Connector returned an out of memory error while writing to a Greenplum Database table when it encountered a numeric type with no precision value. This problem has been resolved. The Connector now supports a maximum combined precision and scale value of 1000.

Known Issues and Limitations

Known issues and limitations related to the this release of the Tanzu Greenplum Connector for Informatica include:

  • The Informatica server component sometimes crashes if you enable the OS profile feature. Workaround: Temporarily assign write permission to the OS Profile user on the directories $INFA_HOME/server/bin/workspace/.metadata and $INFA_HOME/server/cci/plugins/osgi.
  • When performing an Update operation, the Greenplum Streaming Server displays error messages such as Please use following query to access the detailed error and /api.Gpss/Close SuccessCount:4 ErrorCount:6 <nil>. You can ignore these messages, as they only indicate that the update number is not equal to number of lines loaded.
  • The Timeout value is fixed at “0”, which means that the Connector will wait indefinitely for a response from the Greenplum Streaming Server.
  • The Informatica Data Integration Service and Developer Tool do not support unregistering plug-ins, such as the Connector plug-in. Informatica PowerCenter supports unregistering and removing plug-ins.